National Events in 2018


It might see a long way off but it is time to start thinking about the big RSCDS events that are being held in 2018.
The RSCDS events website is the best place to find out about all their forthcoming events:

There are two events that we thought you might be particularly interested in:

Summer School 2018:

Over a month in the summer the RSCDS organise four weeks of music and dancing. In 2018 Summer School will begin on the 15th July and runs until the 12th August. Lots of different classes, courses and events will be held and full details can be found here:
Lots of our members have attended Summer School in the past so please get in touch if you would like any more information.

Spring Fling & Spring Fringe 2018:

Spring Fling is an annual event for 12-35 year olds who have a basic grasp of Scottish Country Dancing. This year the event is being hosted by local groups in Glasgow on behalf of the RSCDS Youth Services Committee. It is being held on the 20th-22nd April. Like Summer School a range of classes and social events are arranged over the weekend, but ultimately it is a designed to be a weekend that is fun and full of dancing!

More information about Spring Fling can be found here:

Alongside this there is a parallel event called the Spring Fringe for everyone else who would like to be involved in a fun weekend of dancing. Some of the social dancing is shared with attendees at the Spring Fling but there are also dedicated Spring Fringe classes.

More information about Spring Fringe can be found here: