Spring Fling 2018

A message from the Spring Fling Organising Committee…

Hello fellow Scottish Country dancers!

We are the organising team for Spring Fling 2018 and we were hoping that you could either include the following information in a newsletter or forward it on to your membership.

Glasgow Spring Fling 2018

Here at Glasgow we’re working hard to make this year’s Spring Fling a wonderful event on this years Scottish Country Dance calendar. Spring Fling is for dancers aged 12-35 and is a whole weekend of dancing fun on the 20th – 22nd April. The weekend will involve dances on Friday and Saturday night, and classes and workshops during the day on both Saturday and Sunday. We even have a ceilidh on the Sunday night if you want to keep your feet moving. Our teachers and musicians for the weekend are all phenomenal and you can find out more and book tickets on our website: springfling2018.com.

If you are over 35 worry not, Spring Fringe is here for you. Fringe runs in parallel with Fling and Fringe attendees are welcome at our evening dances. You can find out more on the website at springfringe2018.com.

If classes aren’t your thing, social dance tickets are also available individually on the Spring Fling website.

We’re very excited about welcoming you all to our wonderful city and when you get here please do ask us to dance!

Thank you very much, and if you have any questions do let us know,

The Spring Fling 2018 Committee